How Two Way Radios Work

Imagine the convenience of not having to plug your computer or notebook in just to peek into your inbox.

However, cellular phones can only operate in places where there is signal. The signal depends on the coverage of the mobile carrier that you are subscribed to, which usually becomes weaker in remote places. This is where the need for a 2-way radio arises.

Imagine going out of town with very weak signal coverage from your mobile phone. Whether you’re camping out in a deserted area or even going out to sea on a boat, two-way radios are very handy for keeping in contact with other people.

All you have to do to use the radio is select which frequency you would like to transmit and receive on from the different channels pre-programmed into the 2 way radio and make sure the settings are the same on all the group of radios you want to communicate with. There is usually no limit to the number of members per group, as long as the channel is strong enough to send and receive your signal. Most two-way radios make use of the push-to-talk functions, which are very easy to use.

Remember sending text messages to a group of friends at once? This is also possible with the use of walkie talkies. A radio user can easily broadcast a general message to everyone by just pushing the button and speaking into the microphone. This ultimately saves time of sending SMS or calling each person on the group to relay a message. Best of all, the message is personalized because