Traffic Avalanche – How Applying For Google’s Adsense Can Make A Huge Difference

Your traffic campaign will benefit from Google’s AdSense if you know how to make use of it. Please, mind you, I am not talking about using Google’s AdWords to get traffic to your site. I am talking about using your application for AdSense to enhance your site’s traffic.

It happens that sometimes you do things on your site that sends the wrong signal to search engines. Sometimes these signals sent do not mean you have done anything wrong. However, because you have followed a pattern that Google has become suspect of, they raise a red flag over your site.

This should shed more light…

If for some reasons you had been writing your pages without building them over a long period and then you decide to do that over the next few weeks because that’s when you have enough time for it.

Let’s say you start building 50 pages every day for the next 15 days, yours may be mistaken for a software-generated site. However, you know you’re not.

What do you do?

Apply for Google’s AdSense and they’ll be forced to review your site. If there are red flags, they will send a human reviewer. And, they’ll discover that yours is a great site.

This will make them remove their red flags and start treating your site well. But what if they don’t approve your site?

Then it really does mean something is wrong with your site. You can go back and work on what’s wrong and then reapply.

It’s great to have Mother Google review your site. So, apply for AdSense even if you don’t intend to place them on your site. You’ll gain the benefit of a review from the most important site as far as generating massive traffic is concerned.

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