Daily Quest Gold – It’s the Best Kind of Gold in World of Warcraft

Why would I say that daily quest gold is the best kind of gold? What is the best kind, anyway? Well, I think we can all agree that the best kind of gold in World of Warcraft is easy gold, and earning gold through completing daily quests is nothing if not easy.







Daily quests almost all pay out gold for completing them. Just walk up to the quest giver, grab the quest, spend five minutes or less completing the tasks, and then waltz back to pick up your gold. What could be easier? To top it off, some of the quests even give you green items or other special rewards on top of the gold. That just sweetens the pot.

Of course, not all of the quests are super fast or super easy. If you want to maximize your gold farming experience while doing these dailies, I recommend that you try to confine yourself to quests that are simple. Why spend a long time running all over the place or trying to gather hard to find resources? There’s really no need when other, easier quests abound. And remember, you can only do 25 of these quests in a single day, so pick the easier ones and leave the long quests undone.

Speaking of which, let’s do a little math. Imagine if you actually did the maximum of 25 quests per day. Most of them pay about 10 gold, so we’ll use that as an average. 25 quests times 10 gold per completion is 250 gold per day! And that doesn’t even include any of the extras you get from finishing the quests or from killing mobs along the way. One week of doing this routine would give you a whopping 1750 gold. Did you ever realize that it would be so easy?

Daily quest gold wasn’t possible before The Burning Crusade expansion was released. Prior to that all quests in World of Warcraft were either one time only or unlimited. Of course, the unlimited quests didn’t really give out rewards that were worth any money. So it