Gold Making With Professions 101 – How to Get Free Gold on WOW to Begin With

Gold making has always been one of the most important and seek out ability in World of Warcraft. Players constantly try to make more gold in a higher paced then spending it, as they need it for raiding, leveling, buying equipment and even creating new characters (for getting a fast start).

One of the expenses you will have, while playing WOW, is trying to capped out specific professions. If you will pick up a “gold drawing” profession and don’t have the ability to level it, you will not only be “left behind”, you are also leaving a lot of gold on the table (or the ground if you want to be more precise).

There are two kinds of professions in Warcraft:

The Gathering Professions

There are three gathering professions: Skinning, Mining and Herbalism. All three will be good gold making professions. Skinning is a very good start point for beginners, as you can skin most of your kills and even the kills of others. You will gather many hides and leathers as you go along and that alone will make you more gold then you need.

Mining was, is, and probably will always be, an incredibly gold making profession. You need ores and bars for most items you can create with the crafting professions. If you take mining you will be the supplier for that demand. In the high levels, you can farm more than 500 gold an hour, and on level 40 to 60 you can farm 100 to 200 gold an hour with it whenever you need the gold.

Herbalism is the third gathering profession you can choose from (You get two professions max). In most ser